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Instagram Advertising – Are you ready?

At the end of this month Facebook will launch Instagram advertising on the platform through a self service option. With this comes new formats, new methods and new best practices but are you ready to capitalise? Here’s some info to get you started. Placement Instagram ads will be placed through an Instagram Ads API but […]

Fun facts about Social Media in 2013

We all know that “What does the Fox say?” was the highest viewed video of 2013, but do you know which Islamic Nation’s government opened an Instagram account? How about the number of  tweets per minute that were sent about Miley Cyrus during the VMAs? Or the amount of photos being shared every day through […]

The Coca Cola Happiness Table

I really like this new TV Spot/Digital integration from Coca Cola. It’s very similar to the ideal behind Streetfeast – encouraging people to get out and eat together in less than conventional spaces. Coke has inserted themselves at the core of this A la Carte movement with their new ad which encourages people to eat. […]

Infographic – Maximise Your Impact on Twitter

Love this Infographic from We Are Social on the best times to tweet for increased engagement. Which highlights Sat/Sun as the best days to tweet and 7/8am as the best times to tweet. Surely though 7am on a Sunday would be one of the worst times to tweet, so it’s important to isolate each figure […]


An interesting thing happened this month. Iran held an election. The results doubious as they may have seemed to the outside world, provoked a furious anger from many Iranians. Even more interesting was the preceding days after the annunciation of Ahmadinejad as the winner of the election on the 13th of June. Civil unrest consumed […]

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