What network? The iPhone 5

In preparation for the September 28th launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, I’ve been researching the different Billpay options on various networks available in Ireland. I’ve decided I’m going Billpay for this one, having being on PAYG with SIM Free iPhones for the 3G, 3GS and the 4. Because I’m super-sound I thought I’d compile them all in one place and give a bit of analysis on the competitors and their offers. Personally, at the moment I’m spending €50-60 a month on credit, so Billpay is the way for me to go I reckon.

First off O2. Their minimum commitment is €40 with a handset cost of €219. This is the most expensive base rate deal of the lot. 250 mins / 250 texts in this package is about average for the commitment cost, 350MB date is very low by comparison to other networks and the price of the actual handset is a good €60 above average.

Next is Meteor. Meteor’s minimum commitment is €45 with a handset cost of €149. Their texts are 200 with 200 mins of calls with an above average data allowance of 5GB which is very generous. But it’s not the best offer on the market.

Three Ireland seem to weight in at the best value so far. Their minimum commitment is €40 with a handset cost of €139. They have a neat feature of Flex-units. With an iPhone this is quite beneficial. 350 flex units can be either 700 any network texts or 350 minutes, to be distributed as needed. The data is all free to an upper limit of 15GB (which you’ll never reach).

Vodafone haven’t released their plans or unit costs yet. When they do I’ll update this post with the applicable information.

[EDIT: See Below for cheapest Vodafone plan/handset details]

Vodafone’s minimum commitment is €30. This includes Calls and Texts to Vodafone only. NO ONE ELSE (wtf?). And 500MB of data (still more than O2). On this basic package the handset costs you €250. Jaysus. If you’d ever want to phone/text anyone else not on Vodafone (most of the country) it’ll cost you another €9 monthly for 200mins and €6 for unlimited texts. So we’re up to €45 commitment, phone still costs €250 and the contract is the usual 24months.

NOTE: I forgot to mention that all of the contracts that I mention in this post are for 24 months. If you’d like an 18month contract prepare to pay a whopping €330-350 for your handset on top of your monthly commitment.

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The Coca Cola Happiness Table

I really like this new TV Spot/Digital integration from Coca Cola.

It’s very similar to the ideal behind Streetfeast – encouraging people to get out and eat together in less than conventional spaces. Coke has inserted themselves at the core of this A la Carte movement with their new ad which encourages people to eat. In groups. Outdoors.

I think it kind of works. I’d love to see them implement a guerilla campaign of recreating this in cities around the world. If they did and captured it on video it would give the campaign a real global feel.

They’ve tied in a clever Facebook app which is embedded as a clickthru from the Youtube video which enables you to invite your friends and family to a foodie get together. Get recipes, populate your invite list and find out some benefits of eating together all through the ‘Let’s Eat Together’ app.


Identifying Dublin for Alzheimer’s Patients

My mum is a Care Assistant. She loves her job and works for a place called Cara Care Centre in Northwood, Santry. She specialises in the care of elderly Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. People in her care range from the ages of 54 to 102. Her patients have difficulty with remembering what day it is, her name and where they are. Short term memory is poor at best. Long term memory however is fantastic. They remember everything from their school teacher’s names, childhood pets and favourite songs.

Mam has undertaken a really nice project, she’s assembling old photos of Dublin to help make the residents feel comfortable and at ease. The plan is to print and hang these photos on the walls of the centre and use them to help stimulate the residents into telling stories or regaling memories prompted by what they see.

I’m looking for help.

Can you donate some old photos? Ideally from the 1960s/1970s. Digital is fine, any dimensions at all will do.

Can you help me identify the locations of the photos I’ve gathered so far? (These photos have been removed for Copyright reasons)

If you can help me out in any way leave me a message in the comments…


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Cook with 7up?

Back in the Sixties there was a ill-thought advertising campaign to encourage people to rethink how they use 7up. The campaign ‘Fresh Up With 7up’ promoted the use of 7up in cooking and adding it to other drinks like milk. Now I don’t know about you but nothing makes me feel sicker than the though of fizzy milk. Bah.

Interesting concept though and looking at the industry now Heinz have a ketchup cookbook and Guinness are constantly pushing the use of the black stuff in bread, chocolate truffles and other tasty bits. So, it’s well remembered that there’s more than one way to look at your familiar thirst quenchers.

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An infographic – iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3

We all love an infographic. So here’s a nice one to help you make up your mind before you spend the farm on Apple’s new shiny handset. Thanks to MobilePhone Finder. Click the image to enlarge.

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The Onyx and other concept cars…

I’ve been insanely busy lately and haven’t had much time to blog. But I saw this today and had to do a quick post on it and concept cars in general.

Like something Bruce Wayne would drive himself, comes Onyx, a concept car by Peugeot. Now personally Peugeot’s wouldn’t be my first choice of car as I the style doesn’t suit my taste necessarily. I’m sure they’re great and know lots of people with 207s as their first car with no complaints. But this BEAST had me at ‘h’… nevermind ‘hello’.
Concept cars are a strange thing because generally they herald the direction a car company is going. They’re not coming tomorrow, or next week, or next year or ever even. What happens is someone gets a few million to let their imagination run wild. But, I think this is what we need in today’s motor designs. Imagination. A Fiat 500, is a Fiesta Style, is a VW Golf is a Peugot 208 these days. Cars are all so samey.

The last truly original cars that I’ve seen on the road in modern times are things like the Nissan Figaro, the Fiat Multipla and the Smart Car coupé. I feel like Audi are going down that road too but haven’t quite reached it. Also, those cars mentioned may be original but that’s not to say they’re attractive. the Multipla for example makes me heave. But it is different, I’ll give them that.

Here’s some concept cars I wish were in the common market-

Citroen’s Number 9 – oozes business elite.

Another Citroen – the GT – like something out of PS Game Wipeout.

Plymouth – retro meets new.

Bugatti – four doors? Still cool

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North Korean Retro

‘National Day’ in North Korea may be one of the world’s scariest flexes of communist muscle but there’s something about their ‘stuck-in-the-1950s’ style of almost theatrical procession and artwork that I love.

Sure these guys are dangerous, but they’re also kind of retro cool too. Too far? Maybe.

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