Fun facts about Social Media in 2013

We all know that “What does the Fox say?” was the highest viewed video of 2013, but do you know which Islamic Nation’s government opened an Instagram account? How about the number of  tweets per minute that were sent about Miley Cyrus during the VMAs? Or the amount of photos being shared every day through […]

Nandontcha want some?

KFC, Crackbird, Hillbilly’s? None of them are as internationally lauded as much as the celeb eat-out food of choice – Nandos. But why? Well the initial three focus on mass produced deep fried and battered chicken. Don’t get me wrong that has a time and a place but in the new waistline-watching world of guilt […]

Online Inspiration: Five Sites

I think it’s pretty important to look around and be inspired by what others are doing around the world. Keeping an eye on creative websites is staple diet for anyone working in Digital Comms. Everyone has their favourites but here’s some of my recommendations for you Digital geeks out there: http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/ It’s a good un. […]

Painting Reality Project

I love this project that I stumbled across recently. It’s a real life painting of one of those fancy, light blurred, traffic photos. You know the type? Cityscape, lines of lights from where traffic has blurred past a camera with a long exposure. Like this one. Well a group of guerilla artists in Berlin (IEPE […]

New Music – Jake Bugg

I’m quite busy these days. This week I’m finishing up the current job and tying up loose ends. Next week I’m starting the new one and spinning new threads. But I have to share this very quickly. New music, in the form of Jake Bugg. I’m really, really liking this lad. He’s getting a lot […]

The Most Instant Direct Mailing Campaign Ever? Porsche

Porsche. The ultimate status symbol. So you have the pile of rocks but haven’t really gotten around to buying one. Wondering how it’d fit? Canadian Agency Lowe -Roche drove a Porsche from dealers PFAFF into a very well-to-do area of Canada. They lined them up perfectly outside the driveways of these houses and snapped them […]

What network? The iPhone 5

In preparation for the September 28th launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, I’ve been researching the different Billpay options on various networks available in Ireland. I’ve decided I’m going Billpay for this one, having being on PAYG with SIM Free iPhones for the 3G, 3GS and the 4. Because I’m super-sound I thought I’d compile them […]

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