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RECORDS! RECORDS! RECORDS! and Phonocasts are back in black


You may or may not know but I run my own independent record label and occasionally release small runs of 7″ records by bands I dig. In the past these have included limited singles by the likes of the Barricades, the Dirtbombs and the Bad Men. Delivered today were two singles by two great bands I’m putting out called the Medicine Men and the Enthusiasts. I do honestly believe it’s some of the best stuff I will ever put out on Infirmary.

The Medicine Men are Michael Eaton and Gareth Wilson two lads from Ballymena who know blues like sugar knows ice cream. This single ‘Back in the Barn b/w Whiskey & Gin’ is a real foot-stomper and would not be out of place on a Soledad Brothers album. The singles is limited to 50 copies all with individually hand-drawn and numbered sleeves by myself and Mikey.

The Enthusiasts are from New York. Their sound is one that has been breastfed on the likes of memphis and detroit garage rockers; the Gories, the Oblivians, the Dirtbombs, the White Stripes but to name a few. Superb guitar solos in there to boot also.

[To hear the songs in full check out Phonocast Episode #3]



Thanks to a loophole in the IMRO debate, the responsibility of having a license is placed on hosting websites if a third party hosting site is used. Thanks Soundcloud 🙂

So without any further confusion or silliness here are my podcasts, re-instated, episodes 1-9

Phonocast #9

I happened to come across three fine tracks this week that I wanna share with you, that all happen to feature the word Fever. So, could this be the first Phonocast with a theme? Fevercast? Von Bondies, The Kills and Peggy Lee all responsible for the musical talent imposed upon your ears this week. (Also think I refer to the Kills album as Midnight Bloom when of course it’s Midnight Boom.)

Internets this week also featuring weblinks to do with illnesses and the like.

Phonocast #8

I’m playing a new track from the Dead Weather’s upcoming LP, also featuring a track from Neil Hannon & Duke Special and a bit of mutton dressed as lamb in the form of Heathers old tune that’s doing the rounds at the moment thanks to Discover Ireland. Also some film and internet recommendations as usual. If you take the time to listen please comment on the blog. Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

Phonocast #7

Tunes from Beck Hansen, Storybooks for Small Dogs who I call a ‘Dublin band’ but are more a ‘Dublin/Navan band’, and the Duckworth Lewis Method. Then there are some other things which I talk about that I would like you to see, all available on your internet box. Thanks go this week to Brogen for supplying the DLM mp3 and an apology goes to Paula who frequently insisted on how cool they were but I never listened.

Phonocast #6

So, after an absent week last week, Phonocast returns with episode #6. Music from the Cyril Lords, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Sweet Jane. Many thanks for recommendations on music and supplying of mp3s must go to Ben Blackwell, Barney and Diane Davis.

Phonocast #5

Better late, than never. Phonocast Episode Five. This week I preview a track from Karen Elson’s upcoming album, play some Cake and new UK scenesters the Tall Ships (upon recommendation from Dave in London).

I also talk Grooveshark, Photoshop disasters and pimp my writing over at Heinekenmusic.ie

Phonocast #4

It’s that time again, here’s this week’s podcast. Featuring some tuneage from Ok Go, Mumford & Sons and the Violent Femmes. *Slight verbal slip there too Ok Go’s new album is called ‘Of the Blue Colour of the Sky’
I talk mash-ups, polish movie posters and abandoned Japanese love palaces.

Phonocast #3

Phonocast returns with episode three. I’m starting to develop more of a structure to these now which usually goes as follows; Intro > 3 tracks with descriptions > 3/4 recommendations > Outro > Fin. Nothing too complex but I think it works. If there’s anything you’d like to hear me ramble on about drop me a comment.

This weeks show features tracks from: Fight Like Apes, The Buttshakers and The Enthusiasts.

Phonocast #2

This week’s episode stands a full 4 minutes longer than it’s predecessor. I could go on longer, but at the risk of boring you I wont. I play some new tunes for you to listen to and some older ones that I think you should be listening to by now at least. And I name drop BP Fallon, 20×200, Austin Kleon, The JDIFF and TodayinDublin in my weekly recommendations for webs worth sighting.

Phonocast #1

Following on from an old blog I used to run phonofun.blogspot.com I decided to revive the name and use it for a weekly podcast I recorded. Each week I’ll be blabbing on about music, websites, blogs and other podcasts that I come across that I feel are worth sharing.

Please let me know what you think, all feedback appreciated!


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